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First rate entertainment, combining the ancient art form of puppetry with a sensory overload of color, music and roller-coaster pacing!

Mr. Boogie-Woogie & Ms. Hotair puppets created by Wayne Martin

Photo: 4uProductions Photography

Art of the Puppet
(School Assembly)

Sophisticated trick marionette and hand puppet vignettes are intermingled with a fascinating and educational look behind the "strings" of the creative process.

The art and skill behind this ancient and adored tradition will stimulate your students' imagination and onto a path of self-discovery and expression via this most integrated of art forms. School curriculum connections include;
* language Arts
* Story Telling
* Visual Arts (Puppet Design and Construction)
* Drama Theatre

Over two dozen "large-scale" hand puppets and marionettes are used in presenting various styles of puppetry sketches of human emotions and fantasy that are loaded with comedy and pathos.

A comprehensive study guide for teachers to help prepare students for the performance is available upon request.

Call now for rates and availability.

Additional titles available year round


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