Wayne Martin Puppets™

First rate entertainment, combining the ancient art form of puppetry with a sensory overload of color, music and roller-coaster pacing!

Sir Reginald Handbag The Pianist - created by Wayne Martin

Photo:  Morioka & Associates


An entertaining 90-minute production designed for theatres, colleges and corporate events. Complete with a cast of over thirty beautifully crafted and costumed 'large-scale' hand puppets and marionettes, vignettes of human emotions and fantasy are set against lighting and theatrical effects with no age or language barrier.

Full of comedy and pathos, a vibrant collection of characters include Derf the homeless street manRoss the balloon blowing Pierrot'Grand Turk' magician and caricatures of Frank Sinatra and Elton John. Ideal entertainment for both adults and children this 90-minute production includes one 15-minute intermission and is available for bookings year round.

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Additional titles available year round.

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