Wayne Martin Puppets™

First rate entertainment, combining the ancient art form of puppetry with a sensory overload of color, music and roller-coaster pacing!

Video excerpts of award winning Wayne Martin d/b/a Wayne Martin Puppets' hand puppet and marionette revue.

Photo: 4uProductions Photography

Martin's Magical Musical Revue

Wayne Martin uses parody, mime, dance, mask and musical theatre in presenting his various styles of puppetry. Full of comedy and pathos, vignettes of human emotions and fantasy set against a backdrop of dramatic lighting and theatrical effects, this act is designed to have no age or language barrier.

Traditional and original stringing theories are employed to bring to life a variety of hand puppet and marionette characters such as Zealand Dog  balancing his bone, Reggie the unicycle riding bear, Baby Bernie's big red balloon, Sherie Rene the wash lady and Slider Bullfrog the jazz playing trumpeter, to name but a few!


Available year round with new acts added regularly.

Call now for rates and availability.

Additional titles available year round.

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